08 Feb 2013

Episode 46: CNY Edition: iPhone Exploded! Samsung Nearly Lost $4B! Review Of Best App On Earth!

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In conjunction with the celebration of Tahun Baru Cina, we have transformed into our Chinese outfits and recorded ep.46 at a super well-known temple!


So here’s what we have in Episode 46

  • Samsung lmost lost $4 Billion
  • The iPhone explodes again
  • Twitter got hacked! We share with you how to stay safe.
  • Bendable speakers are coming!
  • Blackberry 10 OS Launched. Is it any good?
  • HMV sacks employees. Twitter account got misused.
  • App Review – THX Tune-Up – best app on earth

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28 Jan 2013

Episode 45: a ring for every human being, facebook’s new competitor, twitter goes video and more in HD!

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Alright… episode 45 and this time we booked an entire road and shut down all the shop lots so that we can record this episode :) See, the things we do for ya :P We also did small revamps to the vid to polish it up a little… hope you like it!

So here’s what we have in Episode 45

  • Twitter’s latest attack on Instagram – going video! 
  • The grand-mama of all Android phones – Google’s ‘X-Phone’
  • A ring for every human being by Google
  • Apple slaps themselves on the face with an EVEN larger phone?
  • AMIIGO – your latest gym / sports friend
  • Android & iOS watch out – FireFox OS for mobile is coming!
  • App ReviewLifeKraze – the new Social Media App

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15 Jan 2013

Episode 44: Samsung Galaxy Camera review, Apple is scared, Facebook redesigned, Google Smart Watch & more!

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Yay! It’s the 1st episode of year 2013! We survived 21st December 2012, we went through a massive Xmas edition of Techduology goes LIVE – if you missed it you can still watch the full recap here.

To kick-start the year, we’ll have #random clips at the top of each video of us doing various things. This time, us eating :)

Taken at a serene waterfall like environment… let’s get this episode started…

techduology montage

Episode Summary

  • Apple is very ‘SCARED’, so they’ll be targeting kids & grandparents
  • App turns you into a Yoda!
  • Someone stole 5 BIG items from Microsoft’s office… and you won’t believe WHAT!
  • Facebook completely redesigned – we promise you’ll LOVE IT!
  • The future is ‘presence’ – it’ll change the way you turn on / off your devices
  • Google SmartWatch!
  • Gadget Review – Samsung Galaxy Camera
  • App Review – ‘Rise’ – the coolest looking Alarm app

Got comments for this episode? Questions? Drop us an email iloveyou@techduology.com or tweet us @techduology

See you next episode!

02 Jan 2013

Techduology 43: #techduoLIVE Christmas edition!

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22nd December 2012 marked yet another milestone in our little tech blog’s adventures – we had our 2nd LIVE recording of Techduology!



This time, it was a Christmas edition with BIG thanks to our sponsors

  • Starbucks for the brilliant location at Taylor’s Lake Side Campus
  • Nokia for the Nokia Lumia Windows Phones – yes we had a few Lumia 920s to give away!
  • Sony for the super awesome headphones, the review units, the visual equipment
  • Sony Mobile for the Smartwatches
  • Western Digital for the hard drives
  • Puma for the trendy clothes & accessories
  • Bose with special thanks to Atlas Hifi for the incredible L1 sound system
  • ActionCity & Line for the Line dolls!
  • Casetagram & Portagram for sponsoring the exclusive Instagram session
  • Blup-Blup as the official media partner
  • TwentyFourP as the official videographer

Apart from the generous sponsors who sponsored close to RM 10,000 ringgit worth of prizes, thanks to all of you who attended – our 2 1/2 hour event garnered about 2,000 tweets, 250 photo uploads on instagram and trended #2 nationwide on twitter till midnight hours after the event ended! Wow!


We also went on TheStar newspaper!


If you missed out, checkout the full event above – cut down to 30 minutes but with all the goodies still intact :P

Quick episode overview

  • Intro – Behind the scenes of Techduology recordings (video)
  • Introduction of special guests Nadia from 8TV Night Live & Lifestyle blogger Chenelle Wen
  • Intro Video – Compilation of 2012 Viral Videos on YouTube (2:36)
  • NEWS – Using your brains to ‘move’ real objects on the Internet! (3:15)
  • NEWS – Facebook Poke (5:33)
  • NEWS5 Tech Gifts for the people you hate (7:00)
  • NEWS – Instagram is Kim Kardashian’s No. 1 Enemy (9:15)
  • Gadget Review – Nokia Lumia 920 & 820 (10:45)
  • Gadget Review – Sony MDR-1R Review (16:00)
  • Gadget Review – Sony Duo-11 Windows 8 Ultrabook (17:35)
  • Gadget Review – Sony Smartwatch (18:35)
  • Instagram Session – Amazing things you can do with Instagram (21:45)
    • Portagram – traditional prints with your Instagram!
    • Casetagram – turn your creations into your smartphone case!
  • App Review – Line Messenger (24:00)
  • Mega Giveaways - (26:00)
  • Conclusion – The Finale & the CRAZY surprise :P (26:53)

Thank you once again for supporting Techduology we have more episodes to come in 2013 and of course, the next BIG #techduoLIVE!


17 Dec 2012

Techduology 42: Lumia 920 exclusive Malaysian review, Teleportation now possible, #techduoLIVE Christmas edition & more!

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Foooh… it’s episode 42 baby! Exactly 1 episode before our GREAT BIG #techduoLIVE X’mas edition event!!! We’ll give you details in a bit but first let’s get straight to the episode.

This time around, we’re giving away a BRAND NEW, super luxurious, super premium Sony MDR-1R headphones worth RM 1,000 which we’ll be reviewing as well! Find out how to win below…

Episode summary

  • The Twitter vs Instagram WAR
  • FREE Megaman vs Street Fighter game coming to your PC!
  • Teleportation now possible?!?!
  • Contact Lenses with LCD screens

Gadget Review

  • Nokia Lumia 920 – exclusive review in Malaysia
  • Sony MDR-1R Headphones

3 simple steps to win the Sony MDR-1R!


  1. To be eligible, “like” our Facebook page > on the right.. :)
  2. You see the picture with the headphones above? Right click to download it to your computer
  3. Upload the picture to your Facebook wall with a caption telling us why you want the headphones using one of the features Jason mentioned in this episode with the tag @techduologyexample
    “Hamaigadddd… I want the MDR-1R coz it looks crazy cool due to it’s classy finish @techduology

    When posting your entry, please set your post privacy to PUBLIC like this :
    fbotherwise we won’t be able to track your entry. Thank you! :)

#techduoLIVE Christmas Edition – BE THERE!


We had our first LIVE recording of Techduology in May and guess what? It’s time once again for another #techduoLIVE but this time, it’s the Christmas Edition! We have over 10 sponsors with loads of gadgets and prizes to be won so RSVP yourself and be there this weekend!

Starbucks @ Taylors Lake Side Campus, Sunway
Saturday, 22nd December 2012
3:30pm – 5:30pm

RSVP today and don’t miss out! 1st 80 to get exclusive goodie bags & 1st 50 to get FREE food & drinks!

See you soon!

02 Dec 2012

Techduology 41: iPhone 5′s biggest issue, Justin Bieber got wacked, Jackie Chan’s phone and more!

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Woohoo… close to the end of the year and in a blink we’ve gone to episode 41 BABY! This time, we set ourselves in an exclusive ‘resort’ area and if you listen closely, you’ll hear the water from the stream right behind us :)

Here’s what we have in this episode… 

Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode as much as we’ve enjoyed recording it! Next week, we’ve got a HUGE announcement to make. So big you’ll start shaking so much that your toe nails may fall off :)

Got anything to say, drop us an e-mail iloveyou@techduology.com or tweet us @techduology. Ciao!

15 Nov 2012

Techduology 40: iPad Mini destruction, Galaxy Note 2 review, Big company crying and more!

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Woohoo! We’re on episode 40 already. Quite an amazing run we’ve had and thank you so much for the continuous support. This time, we got ourselves in a SUPER COLD room which got the camera a little blurry but then it sharpens in certain areas – look at it as our low-cost special efx :)

Episode highlights…

  • We show you how to destroy an iPad Mini
  • Microsoft Live Messenger gets KILLED…
  • CISCO – a mega company is crying! why?
  • A watch that turns you into Iron Man!
  • Sick of WhatsApp or iMessage? Heard of GroupMe?!
  • Game Review – Angry Birds Star Wars
  • Gadget Review – Samsung Galaxy Note 2

That concludes episode 40! Thank you for watching and watch out as we’ve got a VERY BIG announcement in the coming weeks. Standby for details!

Got questions? E-mail us iloveyou@techduology.com or tweet us @techduology.

21 Oct 2012

Techduology 39: 1st Nokia Lumia 920 Review in Malaysia, we checkout a square dog & more!

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Woohoo! We’re at episode 39 already… time flies when you’re doing absolutely nothing other than talking to the camera. So this week, we hit ‘tatami’ style a.k.a sitting on the floor because we ran out of budget and our highlight – we reviewed the Nokia Lumia 920 yoooo…

Quick episode summary…

  • Have you heard of a “Square” dog?
  • Apple is tracking YOU with iOS 6 without your permission!? – How to shut it off!
  • We could be living in the MATRIX! – Proof here
  • The gadget that turns everyone – including your dog into a mean, scary robot
  • Ever wondered what do Angry Birds & Bad Piggies eat? We’ve got the cookbook!
  • Game Review - He-Man for iOS
  • Gadget Review – Nokia Lumia 920

So there ya go… hope you enjoyed Episode 39! We heading into very interesting weeks ahead – Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, Windows 8 Tablets, iPad Mini, iPhone 5 launch in Malaysia – it’s going to be wild. Standby for updates :)

As always, follow us @techduology and if you have any questions – email us iloveyou@techduology.com.


01 Oct 2012

Techduology 38: total recall is REAL, human feeding machine, iPad mini and more!

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Woohoo! Another episode has arrived – we have hit the auspicious number of 38. This episode we went multilingual,  chose a dark but green and very ‘solid’ location to shoot in :)

This week’s episode summary

  • We present the winner of the Lumia 900 giveaway!
  • The Popinator HUMAN FEEDER! (video)
  • Best CEO on the face of this planet is a chick!
  • Total Recall is REAL
  • The ‘REAL’ iPad Mini
  • Amazing spy cams that points at boobs
  • App / Game Review
    • Field Runners 2 for iOS

That’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed the episode as much as we enjoyed recording it. If you have any questions at all, drop us an e-mail iloveyou@techduology.com or tweet us @techduology.


16 Sep 2012

Techduology 37: we destroy a phone, 1st take on Lumia 820 & 920, 4-legged robot and more!

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Yay! Episode 37 is finally here and this time we recorded in a super secret, super safe, super yellow – coloured environment :)

In this episode, we reveal the winner for the final giveaway of the Nokia Lumia 900 so if you’ve submitted your answers – all the BEST!

First up, quick episode summary…

Gadget Review
So did you win the Nokia Lumia 900? If you didn’t we’ve got loads more gadgets coming your way – don’t worry and stay tuned okay? :)
Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode! Got questions, ask us anything at all via iloveyou@techduology.com.