01 Mar 2012

Techduology 23: Winner announcement for the HTC Radar, a super cool vibrating gadget and more!

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Yes, the long awaited episode has arrived… before anything, we’re proud to announce that we now have an Official Google Plus page! YEAHHHHH! So remember to ‘circle’ us or ‘+1′ us or whatever us – that whatever us button is on the right of this page :) Just follow us coz we have some really exciting things that’ll be happening there including LIVE event updates, LIVE hangouts, LIVE gadget reviews and more!

The Winner Announcement
For almost 2 weeks you’ve been submitting your answers to win ONE of our TWO HTC Radar Windows Phones and we’ve got the results!

Want to see if you’re the winner? Watch the video la….

First a quick summary…

Gadget Review

Missed out on the HTC Radar giveaway?
Don’t worry,  we still have another HTC Radar to be given out in our next episode which should be out sometime next week.

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