08 Feb 2012

Techduology 21: The legal episode, winner announcement, our maths sucks & more phone giveaways?!

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Hello and welcome to our legal episode – we can finally drink and record! YAY! Thank you for supporting us the past 20 episodes.

A new us – shorter episodes!
In celebration of our 21st episode, we decided to slim down – talk even less – now every episode of techduology is much easier to swallow. From 15 mins, we’re bringing it down to between 8-10 mins!

More phone giveaways?
So we had this competition to giveaway a Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro that comes with a super cool bluetooth keyboard for the past 2 weeks – we’ve finally got the results – congratulations Katherine!

If you didn’t get it, don’t worry, we’ve got another 2 SETS OF THE SUPER COOL HTC Radar Windows Phone to be given away!

More details on how to win in a bit but first, a quick summary…

Gadget Review

  • HTC Radar Windows Phone part 1

How to win the super sleek HTC Radar Windows Phone (4 simple steps)?

  1. LIKE our Facebook page first – facebook.com/techduology or click ‘like’ on the right
  2. Watch this episode (it’s the video above)
  3. Count the number of HTC logos that appear throughout the video
  4. Share this video on your facebook wall – in the description tag us “@techduology” + [number of HTC logos that appeared in this episode]

TADA! You’re done. Do the same thing for the next episode and you will stand a chance to win! We are giving away a HTC Radar every 2 episodes!

Reminder – You need to submit 2 entries to qualify – one for this episode and another for the next episode (coming soon!)

Need more info on how to win? Watch the episode above at 9:00 mins. All the best!
Don’t forget to visit and Like HTC’s Facebook Page!