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11 Jul 2013

Techduology 55: Underwater Sony Walkman giveaway, X-ray vision for all, Spotify attacked and more!

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Alright… episode DOUBLE-FIVE is here! This time, we brought along a SUPER HOT CHICK and got her WET! We also shot this episode next to possibly the smallest house in the world with a hot chick AND not forgetting another MASSIVE giveaway this week!


First up, the headlines…

  • Google wants to create a watch, glasses – what’s next? Undergarments?! -__-
  • How to see through walls? How everyone can see through walls without X-Ray goggles?
  • Spotify now has a HUGE Challenger in Malaysia – it’s FREE Too!
  • Invisible earphones are becoming a reality
  • HOT Model Gadget Review with Cassandra Yong – Sony’s Underwater Walkman – NWZ-W273

How to WIN the Sony Underwater Walkman – NWZ-W273?!

  • Make sure you “Like” us on Facebook
  • Copy and paste this episode – on your Facebook wall with the message “Sony makes me wet because give your reason here #techduosony”
  • Do it as many times as you can with the most creative ‘reason’
  • Wait for the winner announcement!

* contest closing date will be mentioned on our Facebook Page

Special Announcement
Many thanks to @garyhor for his kind understanding & @lawedges for a heads-up on the #TechduoLumia giveaway results that was meant for this episode. Due to such circumstances, new results will be tabulated and contest winner will be revealed in episode 56. Thank you!

24 Jun 2013

Techduology 54: The BIGGEST Nokia Lumia 920 Superman edition giveaway, how to time travel, iOS 7 lowdown & more!

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We go to the land of SAKURA for this week’s recording… and yes, as the title says… we are giving away a BRAND NEW Nokia Lumia 920 – Superman edition with tonnes and tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of goodies baby!

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First up, let’s hit the topics…

  • Facebook unveils the most amazing thing on earth – #Hashtags * hooray *
  • Time travelling is now available for everyone!
  • Samsung’s latest ‘connected’ Digital SLR
  • iOS 7 – the techduology lowdown
  • Gadget Review – Nokia Lumia 920 Superman edition + wireless charger

How to win our Mega Lumia 920 Superman Collection?

  • Count the number of times you see the Superman logos in this episode
  • Tweet “Lumia 920 is super because insert your reason here, number of logos #techduolumia”
    • For example “Lumia 920 is super because my grandmother loves Superman, 87 #techduolumia”

Only eligible for our Facebook fans – If you haven’t liked us on Facebook yet, make sure you do – it’s on the right :P >

Contest period
Lasts only for about a week (closing date to be announced on our Facebook Page so quickly do it now! Results announced in the next episode!

14 Jun 2013

Techduology 53: We transform your car into a transformer with ONE gadget, Google tells if you’re FAT and more!

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Woohoo… we’re now on episode 53 and this episode, it’s all about TRANSFORMATION… we’ll transform everything from you to possibly even your pet hamster – all shot on the all-new ‘Penang Bridge’.


Quick episode summary

  • Apple secretly announces the iPod touch 16GB – now available in Malaysia
  • The cutest USB hub on the face of this planet!
  • 2 factor authentication
    • What the heck is it? All you need to know…
    • LinkedIn now with 2-factor authentication!
    • Motorola turns your skin in a password!
  • Google tells if an Apple will make you fat?
  • App that makes you 400% more intelligent instantaneously!
  • Dish washer that washes your BUM?
  • Gadget Review – Papago P2Pro – transforms your car into a robot?!
  • Game Review – Dots! for iOS – we LOVE it!

That’s it for this week’s episode… standby for the next one coz we have a SUPER AWESOME PAWSOME GADGET to giveaway! Oh and if you haven’t liked us on Facebook yet, click ‘like’ on the right laaaaa…

22 May 2013

Episode 51: Samsung Galaxy S4 review, not so Angry Angry Birds, our BIG Sony giveaway and more!

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Like superman and we’re at episode 51! w00t! This time around, we shot the episode in Malaysia that comes with a REAL WORKING fire place :)

Let’s hit this week’s episode summary…

  • Angry Birds will no longer make people ANGRY!
  • Plants vs Zombies TWO is kambing soon… (video)
  • The coolest looking RULER in the world! – yes, it measures :)
  • We turned ourselves into a Dogg
  • Viber is taking over the world with their latest version! (video)
  • Gadget Review – Samsung Galaxy S4

Final WEEK for the BIG Giveaway! (ends 11.59pm, May 25th 2013)
3 simple steps to WIN a Sony BTV5 Bluetooth + NFC Speaker from us


  1. Get yourself an Instagram account if you don’t already have one
  2. Take a picture of anything sexy – your hamster, yourself, you in the loo – whatever works for you…
  3. Then Instagram the photo with a caption “the Sony BTV5 is sexy & so is this @techduology #techduosony
  4. Quickly Instagram your entries before 11.59pm 25 May 2013 – all the BEST!

You can submit as many entries as you like – the most creative one with the most entries will WIN!

03 May 2013

Episode 50: HTC One, Microsoft Surface RT now in Malaysia + a Sony bluetooth speaker giveaway and more!

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W00T! It’s our 50th episodeeeeee! Wow, time does fly and thank you so so so so much fors supporting us all these while…

A special 50th edition!
So because it’s our 50th – we’ve given our video a FRESH new dance, a FRESH new look AND we’ve got the super cool Sony BTV5 Bluetooth + NFC 360 degrees speakers to giveaway!


First, a quick episode summary

  • DANCE! Mother Father Gentlemen
  • BitCoin will change our lives forever – what the heck is THAT?!
  • HTC One launched in Malaysia + mini review
  • Microsoft Surface RT launched in Malaysia + mini review
  • We hear Alexandar Graham Bell’s voice for the FIRST time!
  • Bytes – FREE twitter for ALL Malaysians!?
  • Gadget ReviewSony BTV5 Bluetooth + NFC Speakers

3 simple steps to WIN a Sony BTV5 Bluetooth + NFC Speaker from us

  1. Get yourself an Instagram account if you don’t already have one
  2. Take a picture of anything sexy – your hamster, yourself, you in the loo – whatever works for you…
  3. Then Instagram the photo with a caption “the Sony BTV5 is sexy & so is this @techduology #techduosony

You can submit as many entries as you like – the most creative one with the most entries will WIN! Contest ends 17th May 2013.

That’s pretty much it. Hope you enjoyed episode 50. Remember to ‘like‘ us on Facebook and if you have any questions, drop us an e-mail

08 Apr 2013

Episode 48: Steve Jobs is BACK, iPhone 5 & HTC One destruction, HTC Butterfly review and more!

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In Chinese 48 means “keep on getting rich!”. Let’s see how rich we get in this episode… shot at the botanical gardens of Mary, Poppins & Sally.


Here’s a quick summary!

  • 10 technologies you don’t EVER need to upgrade
  • The latest iPhone screen technology – multi-layer screen technology that looks like a Lumia?
  • Steve Jobs is BACK!
  • Destruction of the iPhone 5 & HTC One (video)
  • 3 people caught wanting to DESTROY the Internet
  • App Review - Google Keep
  • Gadget Review - HTC Butterfly

Got questions?
Drop us an email, tweet us @techduology and remember to like us on Facebook :P >

11 Mar 2013

Episode 47: Gadgets that’ll turn you into a superhuman & cyborg, Xperia Z 1st review and more!

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Fooooooooohhhh… we’re back from our SUPER LONG Chinese New Year break… people take 1 week off, we took almost 3 AMAZING :)

So we’re back and this time, we decided to do the episode in a supermarket! Weehoo!

This episode, we’re making it quite different – we call it the CYBORG edition… every gadget that’d turn you into a SUPER HUMAN for real!

We are also the first in the country to checkout the soon-to-be-launched Sony Xperia Z!


Quick episode summary

  • The coolest voice activated password gadget in the world – MyIDKey
  • The chair that wraps around you & your gadgets
  • LeapMotion gives you JEDI-like powers!
  • Google Glass – our PICK!
  • MYO – a gadget that’ll give you Jedi control over games, toys & more!
  • The world’s first 4D printer
  • Gadget Review – 1st Malaysian Review of the Sony Xperia Z

That’s pretty much it for this episode. Remember to ‘like us’ on facebook, follow @techduology on twitter for the latest updates and if you have any questions, drop us an e-mail

28 Jan 2013

Episode 45: a ring for every human being, facebook’s new competitor, twitter goes video and more in HD!

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Alright… episode 45 and this time we booked an entire road and shut down all the shop lots so that we can record this episode :) See, the things we do for ya :P We also did small revamps to the vid to polish it up a little… hope you like it!

So here’s what we have in Episode 45

  • Twitter’s latest attack on Instagram – going video! 
  • The grand-mama of all Android phones – Google’s ‘X-Phone’
  • A ring for every human being by Google
  • Apple slaps themselves on the face with an EVEN larger phone?
  • AMIIGO – your latest gym / sports friend
  • Android & iOS watch out – FireFox OS for mobile is coming!
  • App ReviewLifeKraze – the new Social Media App

Got something to say? Comments? Questions? – be sure to tweet us @techduology or e-mail us. Oh, and remember to ‘like’ us on the right :P >

15 Jan 2013

Episode 44: Samsung Galaxy Camera review, Apple is scared, Facebook redesigned, Google Smart Watch & more!

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Yay! It’s the 1st episode of year 2013! We survived 21st December 2012, we went through a massive Xmas edition of Techduology goes LIVE – if you missed it you can still watch the full recap here.

To kick-start the year, we’ll have #random clips at the top of each video of us doing various things. This time, us eating :)

Taken at a serene waterfall like environment… let’s get this episode started…

techduology montage

Episode Summary

  • Apple is very ‘SCARED’, so they’ll be targeting kids & grandparents
  • App turns you into a Yoda!
  • Someone stole 5 BIG items from Microsoft’s office… and you won’t believe WHAT!
  • Facebook completely redesigned – we promise you’ll LOVE IT!
  • The future is ‘presence’ – it’ll change the way you turn on / off your devices
  • Google SmartWatch!
  • Gadget Review – Samsung Galaxy Camera
  • App Review – ‘Rise’ – the coolest looking Alarm app

Got comments for this episode? Questions? Drop us an email or tweet us @techduology

See you next episode!

02 Jan 2013

Techduology 43: #techduoLIVE Christmas edition!

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22nd December 2012 marked yet another milestone in our little tech blog’s adventures – we had our 2nd LIVE recording of Techduology!



This time, it was a Christmas edition with BIG thanks to our sponsors

  • Starbucks for the brilliant location at Taylor’s Lake Side Campus
  • Nokia for the Nokia Lumia Windows Phones – yes we had a few Lumia 920s to give away!
  • Sony for the super awesome headphones, the review units, the visual equipment
  • Sony Mobile for the Smartwatches
  • Western Digital for the hard drives
  • Puma for the trendy clothes & accessories
  • Bose with special thanks to Atlas Hifi for the incredible L1 sound system
  • ActionCity & Line for the Line dolls!
  • Casetagram & Portagram for sponsoring the exclusive Instagram session
  • Blup-Blup as the official media partner
  • TwentyFourP as the official videographer

Apart from the generous sponsors who sponsored close to RM 10,000 ringgit worth of prizes, thanks to all of you who attended – our 2 1/2 hour event garnered about 2,000 tweets, 250 photo uploads on instagram and trended #2 nationwide on twitter till midnight hours after the event ended! Wow!


We also went on TheStar newspaper!


If you missed out, checkout the full event above – cut down to 30 minutes but with all the goodies still intact :P

Quick episode overview

  • Intro – Behind the scenes of Techduology recordings (video)
  • Introduction of special guests Nadia from 8TV Night Live & Lifestyle blogger Chenelle Wen
  • Intro Video – Compilation of 2012 Viral Videos on YouTube (2:36)
  • NEWS – Using your brains to ‘move’ real objects on the Internet! (3:15)
  • NEWS – Facebook Poke (5:33)
  • NEWS5 Tech Gifts for the people you hate (7:00)
  • NEWS – Instagram is Kim Kardashian’s No. 1 Enemy (9:15)
  • Gadget Review – Nokia Lumia 920 & 820 (10:45)
  • Gadget Review – Sony MDR-1R Review (16:00)
  • Gadget Review – Sony Duo-11 Windows 8 Ultrabook (17:35)
  • Gadget Review – Sony Smartwatch (18:35)
  • Instagram Session – Amazing things you can do with Instagram (21:45)
    • Portagram – traditional prints with your Instagram!
    • Casetagram – turn your creations into your smartphone case!
  • App Review – Line Messenger (24:00)
  • Mega Giveaways - (26:00)
  • Conclusion – The Finale & the CRAZY surprise :P (26:53)

Thank you once again for supporting Techduology we have more episodes to come in 2013 and of course, the next BIG #techduoLIVE!