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18 Dec 2013

Techduology 66: Eve episode of #techduoLIVE Christmas, Nokia runs Android, stupid headphones and more!

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Wooohooo… it’s the EVE episode of the BIG one… #techduoLIVE Christmas Edition 2013!


If you haven’t RSVP-ed for the BIG event this Saturday, 21st December 2013 yet – do so quickkkkk! Loads and loads of crazy activities and free gadgets await :) and * hint hint * we have a HUGE announcement to make at this LIVE event. RSVP here for FREE!

On to the headlines…

  • Instagram’s gone CRAZZYYY!
  • Nokia will be running Android? #notRumour
  • You will NEVER lose a gadget ever – because you can ask it to self destruct!
  • Lo-Fi headsets – the most stupid headphones in the world
  • Special Japanese Hybrid Vacuum that’s made to SUCK! Huh?

Clear your Saturday, 21st of December 2013 #techduoLIVE Christmas Edition!

Time Saturday, 21st December 2013, 3-5pm
Location Coffee Bean SS15 (Next to AsiaCafe Subang)

It’s this weekend (well, depends on when you’re reading this article), be sure to RSVP – tonnes of tech goodies, awesome food, coffee and loads more await and remember, we also have a competition where the more friends you bring, the higher the chance of winning the following! W00t!


See you there!

04 Nov 2013

Techduology 64: CAPTCHA under attack, gadget says ur eating too much, cars will take over humans and more!

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Woohoo… it’s episode 64 and this round, we managed to secure a SUPER MASSIVE SOUND PROOF room… some people say, so sound proof, you can hear your heart beating…


Quick episode summary!

  • Winner announcement #techduo925 – congratulations!
  • CAPTCHAAAAAAA! is under attack?! #evil #spam
  • Cars can drive better than ANY HUMAN – proof!
  • Instagram’s for photos… what do you use for messages? #amazing
  • Covers… possibly the most amazing app in the world!
  • Gadget that’ll tell you you’re eating too much
  • Techduology Bytes by Maxis
    A surfing package for your entire family – including your grandparents!
  • App Review – Agodaaaaaaaa!

That’s pretty much it! If you participated in #techduo925 and didn’t win, thank you soooo much for participating and don’t worry… we’ve got MORE gadget giveaways coming up!

Till the next episode… TADAAAA!

21 Oct 2013

Techduology 63: the many lubang episode, free internet in Malaysia + Samsung Galaxy Gear review and more!

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Yay! Episode SIXTY-THREE is here and we’ve finally selected the winner for the Nokia Lumia 925 giveaway! This time, we picked a very special ‘papa’ place to do our recording – there were tonnes of people so if we looked a little shy; that’s because some people where staring and we felt a little uncomfortable :)


First up, episode summary

  • Winner announcement – Nokia Lumia 925 #techduo925
  • Starting next month, Google will make EVERYONE a Celebrity!
  • Someone’s giving away 500 million dollars to the whole world…
  • Google Australia recently installed the most RIDICULOUS thing in their office
  • Mark Zuckerberg is a control freak – we’ve got PROOF!
  • Lots of ‘lubangs’ are coming to Malaysia
  • Apple finally copies Microsoft (video)
  • Techduology Bytes by MaxisFREE Internet for the worlddddd
  • Gadget Review – Samsung’s 1st smart watch – the Galaxy Gear

Hope you enjoyed the episode! :) If you didn’t win the Lumia 925, don’t worry – we have MORE GADGETS to be given out soon. Keep watching and we’ll keep you posted.

As always, if you have any questions you can always contact us via e-mail or @techduology.

11 Oct 2013

Techduology 62: Final Lumia 925 giveaway, remember everything in your life, HTC One Max, Galaxy Note 3 review & more!

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Woohoo… yet another episode in the month of October… and this time, we’ve got the episode recorded at a very exclusive space in a VERYYY lonely parking lot.

Just a quick reminder, we are STILL giving away the Nokia Lumia 925! Be sure to watch the full episode for details… it’s SOOOO EASY TO WIN!


Episode Summary

  • The most AMAZING paper on the face of this planet! (video)
  • HTC One Max has ONE secret to reveal!
  • LG to roll out the first flexible screen smartphone in the world
  • iMessage is going to piss in it’s errr.. pants!
  • LifeLogger – your life will be recorded FOREVER
  • You can soon use Paypal in a kedai runcit!
  • Techduology Bytes by Maxis - The COOLEST way to save money – Share n Surf?!
  • Gadget Review – Nokia Lumia 925 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 video recording stabilization

Nokia Lumia 925 giveaway!
Yes, it’s still on and ends 13th November 2013! Quickly submit your instagram entries now. Details in the episode above.

Thanks for watching!

30 Sep 2013

Techduology 61: Free chicken for ALL, other body parts can unlock iPhones, Lumia 925 giveaway and more!

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Woohoo… this time we did our episode at a VERY VERY specific fast food joint and we’re still giving away a BRAND NEW Nokia Lumia 925 BABYYYYYY! Watch the episode for details…


Episode summary

  • We took at a peek at Bill Gates’ bank account!
  • Other body parts can also be used to unlock the iPhone 5S (video)
  • How Grand Theft Auto can get people LITERALLY killed?!
  • This toilet bowl has LEGS! (video)
  • iOS 7 – our view… should you install it?
  • Drop proof, waterproof camera – now for professionals by Nikon
  • Techduology Bytes by Maxis – FREE chicken for all?!
  • Gadget Review – Nokia Lumia 925 Smart Camera

We are still giving away a brand new Nokia Lumia 925! Watch the full episode for details :)

Got questions?
Drop us an e-mail or tweet us @techduology


17 Sep 2013

Episode 60: the SUPER dark episode, ramen noodle chopstick, BIG Nokia Lumia 925 giveaway and more!

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Alright… welcome to episode SIXTY! You’ve heard of the night safari? This one is called the night episode. It’s obviously shot in the dark with glaring LED lights pointed at our faces! This episode, the numbers 925 are VERY VERY important because we’re giving away a Nokia Lumia 925!


First up… episode summary

  • The coolest chopstick in the world – made for RAMEN!
  • Read & Run at the same time? (video)
  • The Earthquake Fridge!
  • Our take on the Samsung Galaxy Gear – Smartwatch
  • Disney gives ALL HUMANS telepathy abilities with a gadget
  • Get younger by playing games
  • Techduology Bytes by Maxis – We test out Maxis 4G LTE in Johor Baru!
  • Gadget Review – Nokia Lumia 925 – more than what your eyes can see!

4 steps to win the Nokia Lumia 925!

  1. Take an Instagram shot of a low-light scene using any phone
  2. Put the caption “Wish I had a Lumia 925 to capture this shot #techduo925 @techduology
  3. Post as many Instagrams as you can for higher chances!
  4. Keep watching Techduology and pray hard for your name to be announced :)

Pssstt… while you’re at this, don’t forget we are also giving away the Spocket Rocket Lomo Camera as well. Just checkout our previous episode here.

05 Sep 2013

Techduology 59: win cars and cash for FREE in Malaysia, Apple gives free money, how to kill YouTube ads and more!

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1 more episode to our 60th episode BABYYYY!! This one was shot under SUPER HOT conditions (lookout for beads of sweat) right in front of a very boring looking building :)

This week, we’ve got a SUPER EASY and SUPER SPECIAL GIVEAWAY… behold Lomography’s Sprocket Rocket camera!


First up, here’s what we have this episode…

  • Winner Announcement – Congratulations Boon Kheng Chai for picking up our super cool underwater Sony earphones!
  • Apple is giving money away like nobody’s business
  • A ‘lens camera’ by Sony that turns your smartphone into a REAL PROPER camera
  • A gadget that KILLS YouTube ads? Here’s also another FREE method to kill ads :)
  • Turning every flat surface including tyres into speakers!
  • The one directory to help you delete ALL your web accounts once and for all
  • Google goes into the balloon business?! (video)
  • Techduology Bytes by MaxisThe Maxis BIG Giveaway – easiest contest to win cars, cash, phones!
  • Gadget ReviewSmartphone Film Scanner by Lomography

It’s the Sprocket Rocket camera by Lomography. Just look at this amazing shot taken with the camera!

sprocket-shotshot taken from Flickr

Just click on this link, fill in your e-mail address and start praying :P

For up-to-date information on Lomography, checkout their Malaysian facebook page. Also, the people at Lomography are nice enough to give our viewers 10 USD free at Lomography’s online store! Just register using this link!

As always, remember to ‘like’ us on Facebook and drop us an e-mail or tweet us if you have any questions at all!

24 Aug 2013

Techduology 58: The and thennn… episode, IKEA goes super hi-tech, amazing dustbins, new NEW iPad leaked and more!

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Woohoo… in a FLASSSHHHH and we’re back with episode 58. This time around we decided to shoot at the backyard of some shop lots. Why? Coz we cannnn :)


What’s happening in this episode!

  • Winner Announcement - #techduoLUMIA Giveaway
  • Headlines
    • IKEA’s revolutionary app revealed! (video)
    • Why are people in the UK staring at trash cans?!
    • The BIG Google’s “2-Second” theory
    • The new of the new of the newest NEW iPad leaked!
    • Google Glass price has been confirmed! Will you buy one?
    • Apple’s BIG magical announcement
  • Techduology Bytes by Maxis - How-to Data Roam at one LOW price?
  • iOS Game Review - Le Vamp!

Watch out as we have a MAJOR giveaway in the next episode… stay tuned!

As always, give us a quick ‘like’ on the right and tweet us @smashpop, @benjern or @techduology if you wanna talk TECH!


10 Aug 2013

Techduology 57: the transforming washing machine, get paid using your mobile and more!

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Wow… first it was Ramadan and now it’s RAYAAAAAAAA… Selamat Hari Raya from Smashpop & I and of course, if we said anything wrong in the past ie. quoted wrong prices, mentioned wrong info or had any wrong doings, tolonglah maafkan kita ya? :)

Let’s hit it with this week’s episode where Smashpop attempts (terribly) to speak in Bahasa Malaysia!


First up… the headlines…

  • HTC One cut into HALF!?
  • The TRANSFORMING washing machine! (video)
  • Someone pays you for using your phone #cash
  • Techduology Bytes by Maxis – Unlimited WhatsApp, Social networking and more?!
  • Gadget Review – HP Envy X2 – Tablet + Laptop Hybrid
  • App Review – Yarly the social network for Android

How to WIN the Sony Underwater Walkman – NWZ-W273?!


  • Make sure you “Like” us on Facebook
  • Copy and paste this episode – on your Facebook wall with the message “Sony makes me wet because give your reason here #techduosony”
  • Do it as many times as you can with the most creative ‘reason’
  • Wait for the winner announcement!

* contest closing date will be mentioned on our Facebook Page

Selamat Hari Raya again and makanlah dengan happynya sekali! :)

24 Jul 2013

Techduology 56: We crown a tree ‘papoi’, 30 ringgit for REAL Photoshop, 41mpx camera phone & more!

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W00t… in a FLASSSHHH and we’re at episode 56! This time around, we decided to crown a tree after one of the Despicable Me minions and record the entire episode right in front of it :)


Don’t forget, we still have the underwater Sony Walkman giveaway going on… details right at the bottom…

First up, the headlines!

  • Winner Announcement – #techduoLUMIA 
  • Windows Phone 8 finally getting MORE updates!
  • Nokia Lumia 1020 – the 41 megapixel camera phone (video)
  • Adobe Photoshop ORIGINAL for 30 ringgit?!
  • CRAZY tech – USB ports for your bed’s leg
  • HTC One 4.2.2 upgrade available in Malaysia (How-To)!
  • The super-duper smart pen
  • Gadget Review – FitBit’s Flex


How to WIN the Sony Underwater Walkman – NWZ-W273?!

  • Make sure you “Like” us on Facebook
  • Copy and paste this episode - on your Facebook wall with the message “Sony makes me wet because give your reason here #techduosony”
  • Do it as many times as you can with the most creative ‘reason’
  • Wait for the winner announcement!

* contest closing date will be mentioned on our Facebook Page

All the best and thanks for watching!