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Dec 2015

2015 Holiday tech gifts under 200 ringgit

Yo! Christmas and the season of giving has arrived… so this year, we decided to pop by one of the coolest tech stores to see what we can find for under 200 bucks…


Nov 2014

WAR between Surface Pro 3 & iPad mini – who wins?

So for eonsssss… iPad has been the ‘default’ tablet for most people. Not that it’s a bad thing. They had so many models, big ones, small ones, thin ones, super thin ones, ones that love being touched by your finger print… but in this war, it’s the ultimate one – iPad Mini & Microsoft’s latest arsenal – the Surface Pro 3. Who will win? The...

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Oct 2014

G Watch vs G-SHOCK!

This is by far the ultimate war. The latest G Watch by LG powered by Android Wear versus the almighty G-Shock. Who will win?


Sep 2014

What gadgets do dogs REALLY like?

Pets are awesome! Question is have you ever wondered what gadgets they really like? We did our research using super scientific ways and the result… was phenomenal. What do you think of the all-new, shorter, spicier Techduology 120? Let us know what you think in the comments below


Dec 2013

Techduology 66: Eve episode of #techduoLIVE Christmas, Nokia runs Android, stupid headphones and more!

Wooohooo… it’s the EVE episode of the BIG one… #techduoLIVE Christmas Edition 2013! If you haven’t RSVP-ed for the BIG event this Saturday, 21st December 2013 yet – do so quickkkkk! Loads and loads of crazy activities and free gadgets await and * hint hint * we have a HUGE announcement to make at this LIVE event. RSVP here for FREE! On to the headlines…...

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Nov 2013

Techduology 64: CAPTCHA under attack, gadget says ur eating too much, cars will take over humans and more!

Woohoo… it’s episode 64 and this round, we managed to secure a SUPER MASSIVE SOUND PROOF room… some people say, so sound proof, you can hear your heart beating… Quick episode summary! Winner announcement #techduo925 – congratulations! CAPTCHAAAAAAA! is under attack?! #evil #spam Cars can drive better than ANY HUMAN – proof! Instagram’s for photos… what do you use for messages? #amazing Covers… possibly the...

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Oct 2013

Techduology 63: the many lubang episode, free internet in Malaysia + Samsung Galaxy Gear review and more!

Yay! Episode SIXTY-THREE is here and we’ve finally selected the winner for the Nokia Lumia 925 giveaway! This time, we picked a very special ‘papa’ place to do our recording – there were tonnes of people so if we looked a little shy; that’s because some people where staring and we felt a little uncomfortable First up, episode summary Winner announcement – Nokia Lumia 925...

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Oct 2013

Techduology 62: Final Lumia 925 giveaway, remember everything in your life, HTC One Max, Galaxy Note 3 review & more!

Woohoo… yet another episode in the month of October… and this time, we’ve got the episode recorded at a very exclusive space in a VERYYY lonely parking lot. Just a quick reminder, we are STILL giving away the Nokia Lumia 925! Be sure to watch the full episode for details… it’s SOOOO EASY TO WIN! Episode Summary The most AMAZING paper on the face of...

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Sep 2013

Techduology 61: Free chicken for ALL, other body parts can unlock iPhones, Lumia 925 giveaway and more!

Woohoo… this time we did our episode at a VERY VERY specific fast food joint and we’re still giving away a BRAND NEW Nokia Lumia 925 BABYYYYYY! Watch the episode for details… Episode summary We took at a peek at Bill Gates’ bank account! Other body parts can also be used to unlock the iPhone 5S (video) How Grand Theft Auto can get people LITERALLY...

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