Episode #4 – Ben upset at Nokia? Spy glasses by Sony, Piolo for FREE & more – all at a ‘cold’ place

Wow, in a flash and we’re at Episode #4! So we’ve achieved a couple of milestones this far… a big THANK YOU for the tremendous support! This time, we’re in a ‘cold’ place – possibly Cameron Highlands? 😛

  1. We’ve produced a new episode EVERY week without fail
  2. We’ve managed to show how ugly we look
  3. Got more than 100 likes YAY! Have you liked us? :)
  4. Managed to shoot at a ‘new’ environment – it’s COLD

Quick episode summary

Watch the whole episode and you could get a Piolo for FREE! Plus, watch till the end – we’ve always reserved some bloopers for your laughing pleasure :)

Ben Jern Loh

one half of Techduology, one half of the Phat Fabes & Ben show - Fly FM, host of Malaysia Airlines chart toppers, tech lover, pet lover, human lover


  1. Ben u’re a bit annoying :(

  2. ‘c6,c7…’
    ‘can you speak english or not?..’
    ‘thats english’..

    haha…nice one Ben XD

  3. the cold accent so annoying… hahaha funny la like kraaapy call…

  4. MILK the cow is Sooo funny! lol. especially when you do it with 4 fingers.

  5. […] get it in Malaysia but we have gotten it imported and we’re giving it away for FREE! More details in Episode #4. Thanks for watching & please feel free to leave comments – we’ll try to reply to […]

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