26 Aug 2011

Episode #4 – Ben upset at Nokia? Spy glasses by Sony, Piolo for FREE & more – all at a ‘cold’ place

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Wow, in a flash and we’re at Episode #4! So we’ve achieved a couple of milestones this far… a big THANK YOU for the tremendous support! This time, we’re in a ‘cold’ place – possibly Cameron Highlands? :P

  1. We’ve produced a new episode EVERY week without fail
  2. We’ve managed to show how ugly we look
  3. Got more than 100 likes YAY! Have you liked us? :)
  4. Managed to shoot at a ‘new’ environment – it’s COLD

Quick episode summary

Watch the whole episode and you could get a Piolo for FREE! Plus, watch till the end – we’ve always reserved some bloopers for your laughing pleasure :)
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8 Responses to “Episode #4 – Ben upset at Nokia? Spy glasses by Sony, Piolo for FREE & more – all at a ‘cold’ place”

  1. Reply Lim says:

    Ben u’re a bit annoying :(

  2. Reply ikhwan says:

    ‘can you speak english or not?..’
    ‘thats english’..

    haha…nice one Ben XD

  3. Reply Name says:

    the cold accent so annoying… hahaha funny la like kraaapy call…

  4. Reply ewin says:

    MILK the cow is Sooo funny! lol. especially when you do it with 4 fingers.

  5. Reply Episode #5 – RM1.5billion present?, exclusive preview Nokia 701, facebook calls it quits & more! says:

    [...] get it in Malaysia but we have gotten it imported and we’re giving it away for FREE! More details in Episode #4. Thanks for watching & please feel free to leave comments – we’ll try to reply to [...]

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